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2011 Surf Kayak Academy

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Its that odd year again so it means its time for us to run our surfkayak academy again. Similar format to previous years;
* Coaching and classroom at the club with some surfing when we can.
* Trips to local breaks when its on.
* Training with Glyn Brackenbury at Skern Lodge on Aug 13/14, England Team Coach and proprietor of Surf Kayak Skills website. This will be a pretty special session as its being held as part of a series to fund the England Teams defence of our World Crown this year, and well get a visit from other members of the team.
* Surf trip sometime in the Autumn TBA.

What you need to know;
* This is pretty much open to anyone who wants to get into kayak surfing and has a workable roll (or intends to have one by the middle of Summer!). We tend to run in a couple of groups; beginners and more advanced riders so all are welcome.
* There will be some cost to the participants of the trip to Skern, although I have obtained some funding from the committee to assist members who havent attended a funded surf academy before. Overall costs will be kept down, but Ill be able to be more specific once I know how many are coming.

If your interested or want to know more, get in touch with Marc before the middle of May.

Coaching at Martlet

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Its been a busy couple of weeks for everyone involved in coaching at the Club. Well done to all the members who have passed their tests and undertaken new training. The progress in peoples paddling skills is very evident, especially amongst some of our newer members, who have only been paddling for a few weeks. Congratulations to Grant Foster, Martin Scott, Craig Nicholson, Mike Watton, Alfie Watton, Liyun Ye, John Miller, Harry Miller, Georgie Harrison and Carrieanne Stares; all of whom passed their One Star Test. The test was carried out on the sea by the Club on a Thursday Club Night - July 8th. And thanks to Ade who came down especially to administer the test.

The following Tuesday (July 13th) seven members of Martlet passed their Two Star at Cuckmere Haven. These included Izi,Gareth,Nigel,Clive,Emily,Agnes and Danny.

Most recently ten people underwent Foundation Safety & Rescue Training on Sunday July 18th. This was a whole day course and involved a lot of getting wet. Fortunately we were blessed with fine weather & a hot and sunny afternoon, which helped a lot. It is quite a full-on, rigorous course but everyone got stuck in and, when it came to the staged incidents at the end of the day, it was clear how much the candidates had grown in confidence. The Club has an increasing number of paddlers attuned to safety and, whilst incidents are few and far between, if an incident should occur there are now even more people equpped with the skills to take the appropriate action.

Congratulations to Agnes, Kelly, Simon, Richard, Patrick, Emily, Nigel, Richard and Matt, Clive. and a special thanks to all the Club Coaches who have worked with Martlet paddlers over the season and contributed to so many successful outcomes over the last fortnight.

There were also Members of the Cuckmere haven Club taking part and it was good to see such collaboration from our coaches organizing inter-club assessments and training. Thanks to Steve Douch from Cuckmere and Pete who all helped out.

We hope to continue these collaborative events and already have a Level One UKCC coach course in the Calendar for September.

2 Star Coaching at Cuckmere

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So the  first 2 star coaching group has started well with 8 people signed up to the course ending in an assessment sometime in June.

This season we have organised the Canoe aspect of the course to take place on the guaranteed sheltered water conditions at Cuckmere Haven as this was problematic last season.

The first Canoe session was held last Thursday and was a great success with coaching By Adrian Fall.

All participants seemed to enjoy the evening and the sun even came out for the wet bit!

Thanks to Adrian and to all the paddlers. lets hope this course can extend into another either late season or next. Sign up now by registering your interest with Dai.

Surf Safety and Rescue Training

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On 10th April 2010, 16 of our members headed down to Skern Lodge in Appledore, Devon to complete a Surf Safety and Rescue Training Course as part of Martlets Surf Academy. We were blessed with fun waves and lovely weather, and a great time was had by all. Many thanks to Glynn Brackenbury and his coaching team for a great weekend.

Here is a report from one of our junior members, Zack Stubbs;

Surf safety course by Zack Stubbs
My trip report for the surf safety course in Croyde.
On Friday the 9th April Rob, Chris, Jamie and I went to Saunton Sands beach for a surf before the weekend course. It was small but very clean and it gave us a chance to get used to the surf and for me to take out my head cam (video on my f.b). After the surf, Adrian and Nikki met us in the car park and followed us to Skern Lodge where we were met by Simon who showed us to our rooms. We chose the ones with showers. Most of the other people turned up and we all went to the pub and ordered food. The next day it was an extremely early start of 9:00 and after we had breakfast we then went for a brief about the course. We were then split in two groups. I was with Sian, Nat, Nikki, Chris.S and Kelly. We were in the 1 to 2 star group and the rest were in a more experienced group. My group was taken in a mini bus to the beach where we looked at the beach and got talked through the hazards and the way the beach works. We then went back to Skern Lodge to get into our surf kit and headed back down to the beach to surf. Simon sent us in to get used to the surf and the powers of the waves. He observed us and then called us in again to talk about how well we paddled. He then taught us how to get our kayaks in safely if we swim and what to do if our deck pops. He also told us how to paddle in with water in our kayaks (which involved getting quite wet!). We then went out for another surf and we were paired up with a buddy to look out for in the surf. He then came out on his wave ski and told me about needing to reach higher for my top and bottom turns. I found this very useful as I could feel the difference if you reach a bit higher with my paddle on the wave. We surfed some more, improving as Simon gave us advice. We then went back to Skern Lodge and hung our kit out. We then went to the pub (with no beer) and had dinner. On Sunday morning we went in to the pool to practise rolling. I worked on my hand roll with help from Luke then we all planned to go for a surf but the waves had gone down so we didn’t go in.

All in all it was a very good course which I learnt a lot from to help me in the surf. Thanks to Marc for organising a great trip!

2009 Martlet Surfkayak Academy 3 and 4* training

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As part of Martlets 2009-2010 Surf Academy we headed down to Bude back in September for training with former World Champion, Simon Hammond. The group was divided in two, with some being trained to BCU 4* level others to 3*. But the primary overall aim of the weekend was to learn how to be safe in the surfzone and to have FUN!

Luke Davies, who was in the 4* group, and Sarah Hampton, who stayed at Crooklets with the 3* crowd, each put together a report to tell the rest of the club about the weekend.

Lukes Story

As the climax to Marc’s surf academy, which ran through the summer, some us went down to Bude to participate in former world surf kayaking champion, Simon Hammond’s, 3* and 4* surf training courses. Luckily for us, the weather was on our side the whole weekend and the swell was ideal for learning (about 1-2 foot, clean).

After getting down to Bude on Friday and spending the night at the Backpackers Lodge (and most of the evening in the pub), Marc, Ben and me kicked off the surfing, early Saturday morning (which meant getting up at 7!) at Crooklets beach in central Bude. Marc was trying out a new, secret prototype boat and me and Ben got a chance to warm up (and wake up) before the course started.
At 10, Simon and the others met us in the car park where the 3* group and 4* group split up. On the 4* course, we proceeded to learn about leadership risk assessments on the headland above Summerleaze beach and choosing where to surf (in Simon’s garage).
Following the theory we ventured off to Sandy Mouth beach, where the 9 of us on the course quickly invaded the rather small break, initially practicing rescues but quickly progressing to learning about take-offs and identifying where to catch waves from, due to the surf quality. The first few hours were pretty chaotic with a fair amount of bad etiquette on the whole but very fun with everyone getting used to the conditions.
After lunch, the tide was out allowing a lot more space and more breaks for us to surf on, with Simon addressing the etiquette issues and teaching us about positioning on the wave and edge control. However, not all of us seemed to have got the idea of surf etiquette, with a non-Martlets member of our course being run-down by a well-known club surf kayaker!
At 4, Simon, who was being aided by fellow Shoreline instructor Paul Rudderford, concluded the day, rounding up what we had covered in the hot, afternoon sunshine, leaving us the uphill walk back up to the car park. Everyone then reconvened at the local pub for dinner and the evening, allowing everyone the chance to try Charlie’s tricks, which fortunately ended without injury!

On the Sunday, we all began at 10 (no one had the energy to get up any earlier after 6 hours surfing the previous day!), at Sandy Mouth. We began the day learning about bottom turns and top turns and just general practice but were interrupted by angry lifeguards who were worried due to the large number of kayakers in the swim zone…. However, this gave us time to cover the leadership aspects of the course and splitting up into two groups, actually having a go at dealing with made-up scenarios. These varied from straight capsizes to paddlers paddling off to other breaks and arguments with surfers, but all gave the leader a better idea of what to expect and gave us a chance to learn from each others leadership styles.

In the afternoon we had several hours to put into practice all that we had learned, with some us trying out the new club HP composite boats (the bright, glittery purple ones!), which gave Paul enough time to take a swim in Marc’s boat to many people surprise and amusement. We concluded surfing at 4 once again, being given our feedback by Simon and Paul and ending a very enjoyable weekend.

The course was a great experience and gave all the participants a much better understanding of surf kayaking with many thanks going to Marc on the organisation

Sarahs Story

I was fortunate enough to partake in the 3* Surf Kayaking Course back in September when the weather was gorgeous and the sea a little warmer. Having not done much surf kayaking at all I found the course invaluable. It built my confidence so that I am now ready to ‘go and get a trashing’ (as Dai put it) on Brighton beach where the less frequent surf just isn’t as friendly!

The first exercise of the course was all about getting the feel for the waves. Well, there weren’t really any waves – it was too calm. So we had to ditch our paddles and practise bongo sliding in the gentle and shallow break. This really helped me get a feel for what was happening as well as allowing me to gain confidence. Next, we went out a little further where there were now some small waves and practised bongo sliding, surfing along the wave and the beginnings of bottom turns. It was fantastic fun – I don’t think I stopped smiling all weekend!

After lunch in the glorious sunshine the waves had increased a little in size and were perfect for practising our new learnt skills. We headed around the rocks to the next beach. After scaring off one lone surfer we had the place to ourselves. The waves were perfect. That beautiful aqua-marine face inviting us to surf. That is, all of us apart from Sanne, who, in her tank, decided it was preferable to swim. Our half-gorgeous instructors (guess which one of them that was ladies!) taught us or at least, attempted to teach us, how to top turn. I think I managed it once! Others were more successful, particularly Kelly in her snazzy surf boat.

The day finished with a Cornish ice cream and a visit to the nearby public house. It would have been rude not to. We all managed to survive Charlie’s evening entertainment – mainly by spectating rather than by participating! Therefore we were fit, ready and smiling in anticipation for our second day.

The morning started with a few beach explanations – one of our instructors drew diagrams in the sand and explained surf etiquette (that’s right – you can’t steal another person’s wave). He then made a huge mound of sand and put my kayak on it and we had to practise top turns, leaning down the wave. Then out to the sea to practise. It was again fantastic! I loved every moment of it!
Over lunch we were given a written test to complete. Some of the questions were general surf-kayak knowledge; like naming a few brands of boat. Others were more technical; reading/drawing a weather chart with high and low pressure and explaining it, knowing where the wave height is measured and what this means.

In the afternoon we had to demonstrate our rolling abilities – unfortunately I only managed half of one but everyone else was fine. Then we were meant to practise taking our boats and paddles back into shore in case you ever capsize and don’t roll. However, due to a significant rip tide taking one boat out to sea and one of the instructors having to chase after it this activity was cancelled!

Once changed and dry we headed up to the house for individual feedback from the instructors. Although I didn’t get my 3* on this occasion I was really pleased with everything I learnt and the brilliant time that I had. I have a few things to work on (top turns and my roll in particular) but I now have the confidence to give it a go and I can’t wait until the next Bude trip!

Thats the first two steps of the Academy now complete with some new 3 and 4* paddlers. Next, the group will be off to Skern Lodge for a weekend of surf safety and rescue in April!

Wye Trip September 09 - Introduction to moving water

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We had beautiful weather for our annual trip to the River Wye. This trip is run as an introduction to moving water for newer members, but is such a sociable event it always attracts seasoned paddlers who come along for the great atmosphere. This year we camped at two sites - with most staying at a new site to us at Christchurch whilst some stayed at the riverside Wyedean. Lets just say there are pros and cons to both sites!

The gentle waters of the Wye from Kerne Bridge (grid reference for this is SO583188) to Symonds Yat East were paddled on Saturday and a lot of coaching and catching up with old friends done. The club paddled as three groups, Dai running a Fondation Safety and rescue course as they travelled.

As my group paddled we practised ferry gliding and breaking in and out of currents,

We also concentrated on the most important of skills Gurning with Dr Pollard providing the experience to supervise at an advanced level

Soon solo gurning and even tandem gurning could be undertaken without coaching

At lunch we found time to practise stone skimming

Whilst I practised breaking out with my eyes closed

Not sure what Nikki, Graham and Sanne are up to here!

If you havent been on a MKC trip away before this is a great introduction and is organised and run by Chris Childs, normally the second weekend in September.

If you were on the trip and took photos on the Sunday, or were in one of the other groups PLEASE ADD your photos and comments.


Paddlesport Course

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Look at this new and exciting course run by a range of club experts in various disciplines of paddlesport.

Use the following link to sign up for the course


Surf Academy

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MKC Academy 2009 Web.key

Publish at Scribd or explore others: mkc

Llangorse July 2007 - Coaching and Assessment Weekend

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With the guarantee of calm water coaching conditions Llangorse lake in the Brecon Beacons provided the club with the opportunity for some focused coaching for our members. During the weekend we ran a range of training and assessments - BCU 2 and 3 Star tests and the Canoe Safety Test.

As always with MKC trips it was also a great social occasion.

Andy and Dai talking through Safety equipment carried and giving a pre-wet session course briefing.

The weekend also provided an opportunity for our aspirant coaches to gain valuable experience. Rich leading a briefing session with Dai.

Nat leading a frisby warm up session!

Jamie, Steve, Sue and Robin during a session.

Talia refining her forward paddling technique.

Our other lake users! Couldnt resist interupting my coaching to take this shot.

We stayed at a superb hostel that had its own climbing and horse riding centre. Several club members are experienced climbers who were happy to share their equipment and give non-climbers a great experience.

Me (Rob), Andy and Cliff

Jamie and Ian on the wall, Cliff, Dai and Rich on belay

This was the first year the club ran this weekend. I really hope we run it again this year!

What do we do on a Tuesday?

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Well if the conditions allow there is a great deal of coaching by qualified BCU coaches.
We train paddlers to BCU Star test standards and also ensure that they can paddle safely and understand the issues of paddling in groups.
If the conditions allow we also teach the rudiments of surfing a kayak and surf safety. We can extend this by expertly run surf trips to the Cornish coast or our surf academies.
We paddle rivers when and where we can and also run Sea and coach courses.
We have a thriving Canoe Polo Team and some of our members are experts in this field.We even manage to all get to the pub and share a story and a pint or two!

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