At the January Committee Meeting it was decided to make a change to the Club opening times. During the summer the Club will be open on Tuesday & Thursday evenings as usual but - at weekends - the Club session will be held on Sunday mornings. The old arrangement of opening the Club on Saturdays & Sundays at midday didnt work very well this year & it was felt that new members in particular need a definite time when they can turn up and guarantee that the Club will be open.  All Keyholders are required to commit to opening the Club at weekends and, by limiting this to a Sunday and making it earlier in the day, we hope that it will be possible to run weekend sessions a lot more efficiently.

With immediate effect the Club will be open every Sunday from 10.00am. We want to run these sessions throughout the year, including wintertime. The Club session will start at 10.00 am promptly and it will finish at 12.00 midday. Unlike evening opening, when members have trouble getting away from work at a specific time, it will not be possible for people to come along at 10.30 or 11.00 am and join in the session. This is in fairness to the person opening the Club & running the morning. Once the session has started, the organiser cannot abandon their group to keep running up the beach to open the club. And, in any case, some of the sessions may involve a paddle to the Pier or even to Rottingdean.

If the sea conditions make it impossible to paddle, then the organiser will turn up to let people know but they may close the Club soon after 10.00 oclock on that day. On certain specified Sundays the Club activity will be a trip on a local river, in which case the there will be no organised paddling from the arches on those days. (Make sure you subscribe to MKC News by clicking on Newsletter at the top of the home page. This will keep you up to date with events.)

The aim is to create a regular weekly club session when members can feel confident that the Club will be open and that there will be somebody available to take them out. Hopefully it will be an occasion which everyone  - young and old (both in terms of their age and their length of membership), salty seadogs and those new to paddling - can enjoy.

See you Sunday at 10.00am.