The club has a fleet of 8 surfkayaks for our members to use, mostly from Mega surfkayaks. Members are free to use the boats around the club or, with prior consent from a committee member, to take a surf kayak way on a surf trip or holiday. These are the surf specific craft we have for our members use;
2 * plastic Mega X-Ray. A smaller, ultra high performance craft. Ideal for juniors and smaller adults.
Plastic Mega Maverick. A large high performance kayak, suitable for the bigger paddlers. Not particularly user friendly for beginners, but very fast.
Plastic Mega Neutron. The most popular plastic surf kayak of the last 5 years, many club members own their own. Suitable for most sizes, and pretty good to learn in. Can be challenging to roll.
Composite Mega Bullit. 9ft long International Class kayak. Extremely fast and pretty easy to learn in, suitable for larger paddlers. Please only use at low tide in Brighton as it will break in the dump.
Composite Mega Bullit XS. Shorter High Performance version of the Bullit with fins. Extremely fast and manoueverable, pretty easy to learn in and forgiving. Again, low tide only in Brighton.
2 * plastic Riot Boogies *. The original plastic surf kayak. As close to paddling a playboat as you will get in a surf specific craft. Easy to learn in and a lot of fun.
If youd like to learn more about the use of any of these craft, please speak with one of our coaches.

However, there is one thing that the club cannot guarantee to supply for its members - fins. Due to the nature of surf kayaking, particularly on stony beaches like Brighton, fins get damaged, broken and lost. Therefore, if you plan to use our surfkayaks then please consider acquiring a set of your own fins so that you know they will always be available when you want to go surf. In order to help you, the club has acquired some 3-fin sets from Mega to sell to our members at a discount price. The fins themselves are made of nylon impregnated fibreglass and are extremely strong, making them particularly suitable for stony beaches like Brighton and can be purchased at a discount price of ВЈ30 per set (in comparison to the RRP of ВЈ37.50 plus postage), with a small amount of profit going to club funds. So every purchase will insure you get a great surf when you want to, and help to support your club.

If youd like to purchase some fins, please speak to a committee member or coach.


* Fins currently only for Mega boats, we are trying to source some fins for the Boogies now.
** Make you fins last? Always tighten them up fully, and never land on the beach sideways - always try to ride onto the shore straight.
*** Offer only available to club members.