A couple of days of heavy snow at the start of December enabled the Martlet Winter Sports (kayaking) Team to get out on the piste and practise some of their moves. The opportunity doesnt come along very often so, after trekking in on foot from Fiveways, the kayak sledgers were soon making  good use of the sunny conditions out on the slopes of Hollingbury Golf Course. 

When kayak sledging, it is always a good tactic to get the local kids involved. 

For the price of a ride down the slope, youngsters will lend a willing hand to carry the boat back to the top of the slope. 

Just like on a river, scouting the best route down, between obstacles, is an essential skill. 

Crew boats are a popular feature of this sport. 

If a little terrifying at times. 

And, once again, there are more hands available to carry the boat back up the slope. 

There was some intensive one to one coaching during the session. (A new Level One Coach in action.)

Snow boarding Kayaks was also fun.

But it was a hard job finding the footrest.

The key was firm concentration.

And a good Stern Rudder.

Roll on the next snowfall.